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body image....
I no I have a problem with my body and im very self conscious of my body and I no I don't have the best body , but im not one of them girls to go around and say eh im so fat I need to loose weight and I hate girls like that!! If ur fat and if u need to loose weight. WELL LOOSE ITTTT!!! And dnt go round serching for compliments. Get over ur self. I hate girls that take the whole body image thing to far by making them self sick and working out every-day for hours on end , and then still not b happy with what they see. I dnt understand why they take it so far there is no need to. I mean I no im not a perfect size 6 or size 10 but I dnt care. Im working on doing something about so y dnt the people that bitch about being fat do something about it as well. I hate how people judge a book buy its cover wen what's inside the person is what matters , not there body! You never no what a person is like untill u talk to them and get to know them. So dnt judge them befor u know them. No one is ever perfect and the people that say they are are only trying to cover up the real storie and what's reli going on. People mke me sick wen they get around as if they r fantastic and the way people dress sometimes r gross like do u get dressed in the dark or not have a mirror or something? Like come on how can u feel great and think u look great when other people think u look stupid? So peole next time u think snobbing someone who is abit chubby or not so pretty , think of them before ur self and make a conversation and get to know them , and dnt judge them befor u talk to them!!


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