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random made up by toni and caleb
So i was walking down the road and i found a penny on the ground. i bent of to pick it up and it was stuck to the groud.. it was a trick haha. I am writing to drop some knowledge on cupcakes. I mean come on, cupcakes are the best dam thing to ever be invented. that and orange flavoured soft drink... oh wait not part of the point. If i had a dollar for everytime i was random, id have 37 ducks. Not long till christmas now. I want a house and a donkey, im pretty happy with the car i have so i dnt want a new one. Im pretty happy with life right now to his amazing! (: lets have some fun, this post is sick, i have a real itchy disco stick...... not really lol My life is great atm i wouldnt have it any other way. Best thing in my life atm is toni, love her to bits x


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